About Kristen

Kris 10 Company President, Kristen Hoffman

Kristen was born and raised in West Chester Ohio where as a very young child she began her pursuit and love of gymnastics, cheer and dance. In high school she was a member of the Lakota West High School cheer squad, a two time national champion team, the only High School team in their cheer style to ever win U.S.A. nationals two years in a row. Kristen worked her way through college as a high level gymnastics coach in Ann Arbor, MI.. As a performing artist, Kristen discovered that Ballroom, Salsa and Swing dancing was a natural extension of her highly developed skill set, so while in college she joined a ballroom dance group with whom she performed in exhibitions and street fairs throughout the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area. After college, Kristen and her ballroom dance teammates began seeking out new dance venues in the greater Detroit area where they could socialize and learn from other dance enthusiasts, eventually meeting her partner with whom she began competing in national events and eventually hosting cheer and dance events.

After starting a family of her own, Kristen decided to move back to the Cincinnati area to be close to her family, where she became part of the West Coast Swing Community and social ballroom community. Having started an event production company in the Detroit area, Kristen and her partner began providing cheer and dance event production services in the Cincinnati area which lead to the formation of the Kris 10 Company. Kristen has over 30 years of experience in gymnastics/cheer, and over 20 years in dance. Kristen has been involved in the production of cheer and dance events since 2010.